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What a feeling! ‘Flashdance’ cast look back on 40 years of the ‘80s classic.  

Durga McBroom reflects on her first film role.


Durga as " Heels" in her iconic scene.


Lorelei McBroom interview promoting the Australian Pink Floyd Show Tour 2022

From Playtime with WC Turck

The many aspects of Lorelei's career were covered in this podcast, with more to follow with both Lorelei and Durga a bit later in 2022.



Lorelei McBroom along with partners David Paul Bryant, Gary Mace, and Kendall Minter
have an online web series. Season 1 begins with MUSIC based on Lorelei's history in the entertainment industry. 

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Durga and Lorelei McBroom discuss their history with Pink Floyd.



Lorelei McBroom sits with Sean Riley to discuss her career singing with Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Nile Rodgers and many more.




Here's another great review of the McBroom Sisters CD by Scott Medina.

Oh by the way, which one’s Pink?” With the volume of Floyd tribute albums that are continually released over the years, it can be hard indeed to know which – if any – are worth the listener’s time. All the more reason to spotlight the McBroom Sisters’ unique offering which stands out from the crowd on numerous accounts. For one, it’s a project led by two of the women who sang backup for Floyd in its latter incarnations: the sisters Durga and Lorelei McBroom who have a wealth of experience in the music industry since the 80s. Their cleverly-named project “Black Floyd” works on several levels as a moniker, not to mention the diversity of material contained herein. (CLICK LOGO TO CONTINUE READING)

D I G I T A L  J O U R N A L

The McBroom Sisters are delightful on 'Black Floyd' album



"the musical duo is made up of sisters Lorelei and Durga McBroom. The collections opens with "Gods and Lovers," and it is followed by the mellow "Money Don't Make the Man," as well as the melodically-stunning "Wish You Were Here." The McBroom Sisters deliver powerhouse vocals on their Black Floyd album. There is a lot of variety on this musical effort, and Lorelei and Durga exhibit a great deal of sass and soul."  - Digital Journal

P U B L I U S   E N I G M A

A Requiem for Post 1983 Pink Floyd

Ed Lopez-Reyes: You were both born and raised in Los Angeles: what kind of influence did the culture there have on your music?

Durga McBroom: Well: huge!

Lorelei McBroom: For me it started with folk guitar lessons - and singing as a child with a group that toured different schools. We did a lot of choral music, which was more like European choir
type of stuff, in high school. Between the folky periods that I was growing up in – I was a child in the sixties and a lot of that music was very popular, from Joan Baez to Joni Mitchell... all that had a huge influence on me; and then in high school I got turned onto the rock people: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Who… any number of those groups at the time – The Babies – you know, so I didn't understand, until I saw Lady Sings the Blues, how to start looking back to who influenced those people. I did have a record of Chuck Berry though, when I was five – and Meet the Beatles! But like I said, I didn't put it together musically until I was older and started to listen, starting with Lady Sings the Blues, learning a little bit about jazz, but really looking into blues – and it just got to me. I mean, [when] Durga and I wrote our first song together it was a blues song called Johnny, He's My Man. So go ahead, Durga!

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Voting Rights are under attack in many States. Former Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke discusses HR1 For The People Act, his work with Powered X People, and Rev. Barber's The Poor People's Campaign with the McBroom Sisters. Find out what you can do to push President Biden to help us protect our right to vote in all 50 States. (Zoom video and audio had technical issues.)

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Senator Nina Turner, Selwyn Jones and The McBroom Sisters, Lorelei and Durga are in conversation discussing getting the "George Floyd Justice in Policing Act" passed, the importance of voting, Nina Turner's upcoming run for Congress representing Ohio, and the justifications for Reparations.

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Justice for George Facebook and Instagram - justiceforgeorge846 Selwyn Jones - McBroom Sisters "Wish You Were Here" (BLM) Music Video


George Floyd's Uncle Selwyn Jones discusses his late nephew, the trial against Officer Chauvin and growing up in North Carolina as a Black man with Lorelei and Durga McBroom; (noted Pink Floyd backing vocalists.) Thanks to his appreciation for The McBroom Sisters version of "Wish You Were Here" BLM, he reached out to us.

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